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Many of Our Authors are Moving to the Martian Publishing Website

Several who have already been published as well as several whose first efforts are being edited for publication have made the translation from this site.

Anise Barboza, Leif Baumann, C.E.Beaumont-Cursonn, C. Fenway Braxton, Richard P. Gaunt, Elver von Gondwanis, R. S. Marshal, Geral Martel, Rodney C. Martin, Terry Martin, TWayne Martin, Carson Merrick, Erik Pleasance, Volk Presmaren, Norman X. Scozzafova, Forrest Sherwood, Ralph A. Thomas, Morris Thyme, Ursula Underwood, Jim Wayne, and Carlton Welsh have moved their pages and samples to the new site.
Several Authors Remaining

Yes, until they have completed works to be published through the digital portal, several authors have opted to continue looking for representation through the traditional channels. Their works will remain here in hopes they can get published.

James Allocar, S. Jonathan Baker, Duane Carter, Peter deVries, Chris Harvey, Horton Hepplewhite, Wanda Irving, Dallas Janst, Joe King, Karla Narlington, Virginia Oakes, L. D. Plains, Gerald Reich, Ælfred Stewart, Garrett Stinson, myrðin ap terra, Stewart Walthal, Marty Wilkerson, and L. Suzanne Winnow.
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